Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a breeder?

No, we are not a breeder. There is no breeding done on the premises. Rather, we represent the 

breeder. We call ourselves the foster home for the puppies. So what happens is – the breeder 

focuses on stage 1 of the process which is quality breeding. We then focus on stage 2 of the 

process, just finding them all good new forever homes in a timely manner. We are also with a 

more personal touch. We have 4 children and their job is to help keep the puppies socialized 

when they are here until they go to a new home.  The puppies are transferred to us at 8-10 

weeks of age according to Pa State Law. We have both state and federal licenses to do what we 

do here. Pa State License #04448 and USDA License #23-B-0190

2. Are you a pet store? 

You could call us that because we do have a good variety of accessories for you to choose from 

including collars, leashes, pet crates, and carriers, harnesses, bowls, cologne, toys, and pet beds. 

We are more with a personal touch, we have 3 children to keep the puppies socialized when 

they are here until they go to a new home.

3. Are the parents of the puppies on the premises?

No, there are no breeding adults on the premises. These family raised puppies are well bred and 

well socialized with lots of TLC at the breeder’s house.  They are then transferred to us at 8-10 

weeks of age where we will release them to their new owners after they have had a clear vet 

check. When possible we will post pictures of the parents of the puppies on our site along with 

the picture of the puppies.

4. Are your puppies examined by a veterinarian? 

Yes, we have our vet, Dr. Sath stop by every week to 

examine our puppies.

5. From where do you receive your puppies?

Our puppies are locally bred and raised with TLC by independent breeders from the mid-state 

area of Pa.

6. What is your adoption process?

We require on our USDA form; name, address, phone #, Driver’s License #, and signature. We 

will then provide you with a copy of that form along with a health record, health guarantee, vet 

certification, registration papers (if applicable), and receipt for your purchase. We will also 

provide you with excellent printouts which will explain the housetraining process and other 

pertinent information.

7. Are your puppies housetrained?

No, we do not do the housetraining here. The reason for that is for the new owner’s benefit. 

This way the new owner can start from #1 with the puppy and it will not cause confusion.  

However, we do provide you with multiple document printouts which will explain more about 

the crate and housetraining processes. It doesn’t have to be hard; patience, consistency, and 

commitment are the key. We do recommend using a crate when housetraining, which is a great 

tool to be used, but, it is totally your choice!

8. How does you shipping and delivery work?

We can deliver your puppy to your doorstep within an approx. 4-hour radius of our location. In 

order to receive a price quote for shipping, call the number that is on the puppy listing.


9. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Paypal. Our financing option is 

through Paypal Credit.

10. How does your financing work?

Financing is offered through Paypal Credit. It is 6 month  with 0% interest and 0 payments for 

qualified buyers. If you do not have a Paypal account just go to and set up a new 

account. You can then apply for the financing. To make a purchase with us go back to our home 

page on our site and click on the caption “Financing Available for Qualified Buyers.” You will 

then be prompted to enter the name of the puppy you are purchasing and the amount that you 

wish to finance. Please call the number on the puppy listing to get the correct total. You will 

then have to enter all the necessary information to complete the process. If you are approved 

for the financing you may then submit the payment to us either before you pick up your puppy 

or at the time of your pickup. If you are not approved , your other options are cash or credit 


11. Do we have the option of buying the food ?

Yes, absolutely! We do strongly recommend that you keep your new friend on the same kind of 

food that it is used to eating for at least 15-20 days, then do the transition to another food 

gradually if you wish to change the food. If you don’t change the food gradually your puppy will 

likely suffer from diarrhea and/or vomiting.

12. May we come see the puppies?

That depends on their age. If they have been transferred to us already you are welcome to come 

see them before making a commitment. But, if they are still with the mother at the breeder’s 

location, and we have pictures posted on the website, we accept deposits based on the photos 

to hold the puppy of your choice. You can then pickup your puppy on the release date posted or 

within 2 weeks thereafter. 

13. How much should I deposit to hold a puppy?

A minimum of $300 deposit which will go toward the purchase will tell us that you are serious. 

The way you do this deposit is by calling the number on the puppy listing and paying with a 

credit/debit card over the phone or by going to the puppy listing and submit the deposit 

through Paypal. Make sure that you call us to confirm that you have placed a deposit so we can 

mark the puppy sold on the site, otherwise , someone else may have chosen your puppy in the 

meantime and you will lose your opportunity to purchase it.

14. Is the deposit refundable? 

Your deposit is refundable if your puppy would be found unfit for sale by our vetinarian. 

However, for any other reason that may cause you to change your mind, your deposit is non-


15. Are there additional charges in addition to the list price on the website?

Yes, since we have both state and federal licenses to operate here in PA, we are treated as a 

business and have to charge a 6% PA Sales Tax according to the Commonwealth of PA.

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