Our Environmentally Friendly Facility

Here at Bowwow Hollow Puppies, we have gone to great lenghts to minimize our environmental impact, and reduce our carbon foot print.  First of all, we purchased several acres of country side to put our facility on. This several acre lot has trees, fields, and many other plants that absorb carbon emmissions. It is also not unusual to see deer run through our meadow! And on occasion, a black bear. 

In keeping with our "green" model, we have recently finished construction on a new and improved facility. This facility includes a solar lighting system, and a furnace that burns wood, but is so efficient the EPA classes it as "smoke free". It uses a gasifier system to recycle the emissions until they are completely used up. Our ventilation fans are run on compressed air, making them quiter, more efficient, and longer lasting.  The temperature and humidity are controlled around the clock using an efficient heat pump system, working along side the furnace.

In our facility we have a "meet and greet" area, where you can get to know your new pup, or meet several puppies, to decide which ones suits your home best. You can see it off to the right in the picture above. We also feature many items that a new puppy owner should have, including leashes, crates, high quality Texas Hollow puppy show, as well as books and DVDs about puppy care.



Here is one of the solar lights:

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